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Grafting Eyelashes Fall How To Do And How To Keep Grafting

A lot of beauty in order to pursue fashion go grafting eyelashes, but will soon find out the eyelashes will fall, let’s take a look at the eyelashes can fall out? Grafting eyelashes lost how to maintain?








Can the eyelashes fall out?

Grafting eyelashes, the false eyelashes fall, then the real native eyelashes will continue to grow, but the new eyelashes will grow into the eyelashes have been submerged into, usually not easy to be observed by us. This is because the eyelashes, like all the hairs, have their life cycle divided into growing and resting periods. So the hair will always fall off, then grow new. As long as the hair roots are not damaged when grafting the eyelashes, they will continue to grow new hairs.









Grafting eyelashes lost how to maintain

Eyelashes beautiful eyelashes growth using sister paper If you think after the eyelashes fell out, the eyelashes is not very long, then you can use low irritation of the eyelashes growth solution to promote eyelash growth, because the eyelash growth fluid which contains enzymes “EPM” is part of the formation of human tissue proteins, can create hair cells and the formation of tissue, while activating the dormant secondary hair follicle germ tissue, so that in the resting hair follicle cells restored to the developmental stage of the value-added to promote the rapid growth of eyelashes .

After bathing every night, apply lashes growth liquid on the roots of eyelashes, there is a good use of the effect, you want to be better use 2 times a day.






Makeup long eyelashes

The first step eyelashes clip: the eyes look down, with “Chinese and foreign” three-step method of gradually eyelashes folder.

The second step eyelashes primer: you want mascara lasting makeup, really need to primer.

The third step mascara: Brush eyelashes must be Z-shaped approach from the bottom brush eyelashes until each eyelash evenly stained cream. This will ensure that the eyelashes firm and natural.








Make-up method to extend the eyelashes need to pay attention

However, the use of make-up method to extend the eyelashes, the beauties need to pay attention to continue to destroy the eyelashes, mascara mascara, eyelashes, false eyelashes, improper use of the eyelashes will make the fault, there are eyelash curler not changed for more than six months, Long-term will make lashes look longer. Make remover on the eye, pay attention to fake eyelashes false eyelash removal products, waterproof mascara also waterproof special makeup remover and so on, the focus is to gently use these products to remove eye makeup.






Why grafting eyelashes took a long time

Some beauty after finishing grafting eyelashes and found that their eyelashes no longer grow, it is because grafting eyelashes cause severe inflammation of the eyes, most of the fragile eye follicles have been permanently necrotic, so the eyelashes will no longer grow out It’s Therefore, it is best for the beauty lovers to find the reliable and experienced eyelash therapist in a formal institution to graft the eyelashes so as to avoid the eye inflammation after grafting the eyelashes.

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How to trim false eyelashes make eye makeup more natural and bright

Eyelash eyelashes can affect eye makeup is an important part. Many mm may think that false eyelashes make eye makeup too exaggerated, it is because you do not know how to trim false eyelashes, if used properly, it can make your eyes bigger and more bright.








1: Before trimming false eyelashes, eyelash curler must be curled out of curling arcs so that the eyelashes will maintain the proper camber. If you want to make eyelashes more dense, you can use curly mascara gently with the eyelashes, to ensure that their eyelashes and fake lashes fit well, but can not brush too thick.






2: gently by hand holding false eyelashes, the amount of the eye on the amount of length, and then use a small scissors to trim the false eyelashes, so you can ensure that the length of false eyelashes and real lashes good convergence so that the effect looks More natural.








3: Gently “massage” the false eyelashes and bend the false eyelashes to make the false eyelashes softer, especially the stems, so that the curvature of the eyelash stems should be adapted to the curvature of the eyes.






4: Next, we must give the false eyelashes trim the length of the stem, attention to the inner corner of the eye from the middle of about 2 mm distance is no eyelashes, so let the eye inside the eyelash empty 2 mm, pay attention to from the corner of the eye to The end of eye lashes are gradually longer, but do not stay too long at the end of the eye, or easy to degum, the effect of false eyelashes. Also note that the two eye false eyelashes must be cut symmetrical, so as to show the most perfect natural results.

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Party Makeup Five Major Details Must Be Observed!

All kinds of rave parties, to attract people’s attention, but not too exaggerated; to beautiful and moving, but not too vulgar; this sense sometimes not necessarily able to grasp the good. Remember the following sentences, to become a much-anticipated party queen is definitely not difficult!








Party makeup first taboo: makeup is not perfect

The season of the party is the driest and hardest season of the year. Skin or dry peeling, push the foundation, the bottom makeup directly stuck in the tilt of dry skin. Either the skin water and oil imbalance, local oil-hungry, looking finish is easy to paste out, caking. But no matter what the reason, imperfect looking makeup in the party’s lights will be magnified several times! Directly destroy your image of the Queen!


1, Moisturizing! Moisturizing! Or moisturizing!

Moisturizing is the most important! Every day and night can not be taken lightly! Important party last night, may wish to use the “oil and water” sandwich skin care method for the first aid to the skin: you can wash the face, first with cream or skin care Oil massage, soften the skin, so that the follow-up care products easier to absorb; then moisturizing lotion with cotton, gently pat the face, melt the oil components are not completely absorbed; then continue to rub the daily care products like Is the essence of eye cream, etc .; Finally, a layer of fat cream containing ingredients, sealed before the maintenance results.

2, makeup first aid is also effective!

Do not begrudge your make-up water, make-up come 5 minutes of make-up water mask, makeup effects will be more applied!

If found before the makeup dry skin, you can first a thick layer of cream, and then gently massage with a cotton pad, the location of dry skin not only get the first aid moisturizing, cotton pads can also play a mild role in the metabolism of waste horny , Dry skin is easy, do not damage the skin away.








Party makeup second taboo taboo: Not everyone is suitable for big red lips

In recent years, red lips seems to have become a must-have item for party makeup. However, the lips can not be painted by everyone! If the lip-thinner draws a red lip, his lips will appear thinner. The short chin has a red lip, because the color is very conspicuous, Let the chin look shorter; there are big mouth, painted red lips, will also play an emphasis on the role of mouth to make it even bigger! Finally, if the party has your favorite boy, do not draw the red lips, Otherwise, as long as you speak, a bloody mouth make him think you are nagging.








Party makeup third taboo: the seaweed film to move the false eyelashes or give up!

Many girls usually do not make-up, one to the party to make-up opportunities finally come! Makeup easily thick. Hessian-like false eyelashes most likely to appear at this time. But as everyone knows, too thick false eyelashes, will block your eyes, but will make your eyes appear large and innocent, lost the agility. If you really want to change the eyelashes, come for a party curling sense of thick, you can try to wear a handful of false eyelashes, or transparent stems, will be more natural and effective than the seaweed films.








Party makeup fourth taboo: too much glitter, turned flash ball!

Bright powder used well, can play a brightening and increase the role of look, but bad is a disaster! Especially a lot of girls like to paint the party makeup, put all the shiny crystal face to rub ~ this really Will make you the most dazzling flash ball on the party. Remember: 1, brow do not polish powder! 2, if not a masquerade, or take a magazine blockbuster, do not rub the entire upper eyelid glitter. In the end, you can use the pulp to light a little bit of light at the center of the eye, which can help you increase the sense of touch. 3, had fleshy place, do not use bright powder to mention light, it will appear more meat. 4, the ratio of the length of the first place and the width of the place, do not use glitter, it will appear longer and wider.








Party makeup fifth big taboo: Let you become dizzy makeup panda!

Party warm atmosphere, the temperature soared, happy to have a chance to do not forget to slip to the bathroom to see your makeup! Frankly speaking, there is no completely dizzy cosmetics. Really there is such a thing, you think about it, what should be used to uninstall it to remove it? So diligent makeup, is to maintain the makeup of the best of both worlds! Often the location of the situation is the moment. Eyelid out of oil, eyelashes flapping on the eyelids, it is easy to halo into a panda eyes. Solution, in addition to choose mascara before anti-SUMI makeup, the party put a small bag with a few cotton swabs, the key moment can help you play a big role! As long as the cotton swab gently rolling at the moment, Mascara dizzy on the eyelids can be easily removed.

And if it is the end of makeup Hu off, you can put the same party in a small bag with a clean sponge, make-up sponge first Hu out of makeup before pushing make up makeup

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How To Clean The False Eyelashes

Simple 5 step home cleaning false eyelashes

Many girls love make-up have questions, in the end the false eyelashes can be re-used it, how to re-use it again, how to clean it, let me let you for you one by one, simple tools and steps that will allow you to False eyelashes as new, you have to learn.

How to Reuse False Eyelashes Teach you to clean the false eyelashes at home

5 steps at home cleaning false eyelashes method

The new false eyelashes once lost like a waste of too much, but if repeated use, the above thick glue seems to really affect the makeup feel, so today I teach you a quick and easy way to clean the false eyelashes, love makeup you Absolutely can not miss it.








STEP1: cleaning false eyelashes roots

First swab with water and oil separation eyes soaked unloading, to be very wet soaked Oh, and then gently wipe the roots of false eyelashes.








STEP2: clean up residual eye shadow eyeliner

In order to clean up eye shadow and residual eye liner and eye gel glue, moisturizing cotton pads with cleansing water pressed on the eyes, about 30 seconds to remove it very clean, this time to remove the eyelashes, the roots are glue.








STEP3: cotton pad soaked makeup remover

The clean cotton pad folded into two rectangular, pay attention to a piece of a slightly wider width, and then cut open, then the cotton pad soaked eye makeup remover.








STEP4: makeup remover infiltrated false eyelashes roots

False eyelashes into the wide half of the piece, of course, to stay outside slightly in the hair, not the whole piece of false eyelashes all covered into, remember, otherwise it may be deformed; then covered with a narrow piece, gently pressure with your fingers Real root, so that the liquid infiltration roots as much as possible.








STEP5: curved cotton pad

Curved cotton pad, so that two cotton pad pressed firmly, put it on the next day you will see two black mark, which shows the top of the glue has come off


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