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How to trim false eyelashes make eye makeup more natural and bright

Eyelash eyelashes can affect eye makeup is an important part. Many mm may think that false eyelashes make eye makeup too exaggerated, it is because you do not know how to trim false eyelashes, if used properly, it can make your eyes bigger and more bright.








1: Before trimming false eyelashes, eyelash curler must be curled out of curling arcs so that the eyelashes will maintain the proper camber. If you want to make eyelashes more dense, you can use curly mascara gently with the eyelashes, to ensure that their eyelashes and fake lashes fit well, but can not brush too thick.






2: gently by hand holding false eyelashes, the amount of the eye on the amount of length, and then use a small scissors to trim the false eyelashes, so you can ensure that the length of false eyelashes and real lashes good convergence so that the effect looks More natural.








3: Gently “massage” the false eyelashes and bend the false eyelashes to make the false eyelashes softer, especially the stems, so that the curvature of the eyelash stems should be adapted to the curvature of the eyes.






4: Next, we must give the false eyelashes trim the length of the stem, attention to the inner corner of the eye from the middle of about 2 mm distance is no eyelashes, so let the eye inside the eyelash empty 2 mm, pay attention to from the corner of the eye to The end of eye lashes are gradually longer, but do not stay too long at the end of the eye, or easy to degum, the effect of false eyelashes. Also note that the two eye false eyelashes must be cut symmetrical, so as to show the most perfect natural results.


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